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Booff Show is a comedy group that has been in the making since 2005, and some members have been performing together even earlier. Now under the direction of world-class performer, clown, and mime Nikolai Terentiev, the cast of Booff Show is bringing the miming and clowning arts concept of the European and Russian theatre to Canada.

The Booff Show “The Door” is a nonstandard theatrical presentation of a clown’s essence; in other words, the clown opens his soul and invites you in to look and laugh. Rather than joking, the clown gets himself into ridiculous situations and is by all means happy about it. In this show, there exist quite a few elements of black humor. For example: two fool-buffoons get“prestigious” jobs as executioners. They are kind-natured and they wouldn’t hurt a fly, but when one of the clowns kills a butterfly, their grief is inconsolable and they chop off the head fast and easy.

The main advantage of the show is laughter. Keeping with the tradition of mime, the entire show is without words however everything is clear to the audience, because laughter is an international language with the help of which we communicate with the audience. We are whole-heartedly living the motto of Slava Polunin: “Anima Allegri” (a joyful soul).

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